Thursday, 14 April 2011

Intervention Art Trail / Fitzrovia Noir

Fitzrovia Noir Art Intervention Trail (, was launched on April 2nd and finished with Easter.

What was it? Art by 22 artists was placed in shops, pubs, houses and on the very street on Fitzrovia, central London, to form a trial that was more like an art treasure hunt: it started on Westminster University (with my piece) on Wells Street and finished on Percy Street. with Paul Snowdown.

As treasures hunt go, this one was great fun, and the art was very very good most of the time (only very few pieces made me question the effort and we only missed or couldn't locate 3 works).

As we started with my piece and the mandatory photographic session, we followed the map of the trial: the first work must mention was Angus Ogilve’s, that made us realize we were in a arty treasure hunt. Finding it was tricky but worth it. You can see the images in

Garry Hunter’s photo in the designer furniture shop was perfectly located, even matching the colour scheme…I must mention also Lucy Williams photographs inside a cafĂ© in Charlotte Street, or the absolutely wonderful miniature chewing gum paintings along Tottenham Street by appropriately named Chewing Gum Man. Or try to find Gustavo Ortiz’ small sculpture inside a pub, or his other piece and that of Manuel Sanmartin in Pollocks Toy Museum, or Valerie Joseph’s poetry along Scala Street. or really enjoy viewing Daisy Richardson videos in probably the most appropriate location: the window shop of a video shop…

That was another treat; to discover Fitzrovia (the very central part of London) and , for me, unknown magic places such a Pollocks Toy Museum. For £5 one can tour this miniature museum and marvel at its collection.

I understand this is a biannual event and, if this year comprised 22 artists, I think the curators/artists of Fitzrovia Noir are planning to double the participants artists and shops/locations

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